SKYiGOLF… our ‘Why’

St. AUGUSTINE, Fla., Oct. 30 – Rich Smith is a PGA Professional and course owner who has been involved in golf since 1985, and he has a simple vision: He loves the game, and he believes its overall health could be greatly improved. Energized. That’s why he is launching SKYiGOLF, a company aimed to help the PGA Professional and golf course owner in running a more efficient business, while simultaneously making the game more fun for players.

More fun for players. A more efficient business model for PGA Professionals and for course operators. A win-win-win.

SKYiGOLF has assembled a national staff of accomplished PGA Professionals who know the game’s challenges and are driven to help their fellow PGA members. SKYiGOLF is a company built by PGA pros, for PGA pros. Smith doesn’t view his new venture as a business.

“That’s not what we set out to do,” he said. “This is a group of like-minded PGA Professionals who share a passion for the game of golf and want to make sure this industry improves so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy golf the way that we have. We’ve built a platform of amenities and resources to help everyone involved in the game. We’ve built a program where everybody wins.”

SKYiGOLF believes that golfers who pull off the game’s most amazing shot – a hole-in-one – should receive a reward beyond a few pats on the back at the 19th Hole. So SKYiGOLF members (registration is free) who record an ace on designated par-3 holes across SKYiGOLF’s national network of facilities will receive $10,000. Ten thousand dollars!! Hightech 4K cameras positioned near the tee and green will capture the moment, and the player will be given a video keepsake of lifetime special memory, his or her magical moment narrated by a well-known golf personality.

SKYiGOLF members also will have the opportunity to participate in the SKYiGOLF Global Scramble Championship, with the November 2019 finals slated across three world-class courses in the Bahamas: The Ocean Club; Royal Blue; and Albany, home of Tiger Woods’ annual Hero World Challenge.

How can SKYiGOLF help increase participation and rounds played? The more frequently that SKYiGOLF members play, the more they’ll be rewarded, with SKYiGOLF golfer bucks allotted via a points system for nine- and 18-hole rounds at SKYiGOLF facilities. (Players will receive double points at their anchor clubs.) In addition, the more golfers play, the more entries they are eligible to receive into a SKYiGOLF Sweepstakes that will conduct monthly and year-end drawings regionally and nationally for golf merchandise and life experiences such as pro-am spots and tickets to major golf events.

On the course operations side, SKYiGOLF will give PGA Professionals and course operators the tools and enhanced technology to run a better, and more efficient, business model. SKYiGOLF has partnered with foreUP to build a cloudbased point of sale and tee-time booking system that can help pros learn more about their customers. SKYiGOLF also has partnered with On-Pin, an integrated golf course management system that provides course and pace-of-play monitoring both for cart-riders and walking players through intuitive tracking methods, as well as modernized GPS units in carts.

SKYiGOLF prides itself on its dedication to build a strong Business Resource Center, a support system that is attentive and responsive to the needs of the PGA Pro and course operators. Pros and course owners will have the ability to deliver a better product to their golfers while reducing their expenses. SKYiGOLF wants to help to elevate an industry that has been struggling.

“It’s very important to us that the game of golf, and the golf industry, lives, survives and thrives, so that future generations can enjoy this great sport,” Smith said. “The game of golf is awesome. It’s our hope that SKYiGOLF ensures that people who play golf have way more fun doing it. That, along with the tools we’re providing golf course operators, will make the industry stronger.”

SKYiGOLF will be donating a portion of every round played at SKYiGOLF facilities to the Folds of Honor, a 501(c)(3) organization that provides educational scholarships to the families of wounded and fallen military members. The Folds of Honor has awarded nearly 20,000 scholarships since 2007.

For more information, please go to, or contact Chief Communications Officer Jeff Babineau at (407) 496-4956 or [email protected].